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Jaywalker Lodge Offers Recovering Alcoholics Treatment To Avoid Relapses

Bobby Ferguson talked with Dr. Melody Foxx on L.A. Talk Radio about Jaywalker Lodge in Carbondale, Colorado, a facility that helped relapsing addicts and alcoholics remain sober. He shared his own story about how he would successfully complete rehab only to relapse once he came home.

The purpose of Jaywalker Lodge, established in 2005, is to provide a therapeutic treatment program that has all the rigor of an extended care treatment, as well as the added benefits of accountability, freedom, self-expression, and personal responsibility. Incidentally, those who relapse after receiving primary care treatment are referred to as “jaywalkers” in the recovery community.

During the hour-long interview, said the key to recovery and a life of lasting sobriety was to create an good environment for those who leave the safe environment of a traditional treatment. While primary care treatment was often effective because it pulled a person out of their stressful life, it had to be followed up by an extended care treatment to keep a person from relapsing. The Jaywalker Lodge is an example of this approach, and the treatment modality they offer is now referred to as an Open Community Model of Care.

Drawing from his own expertise as a recovered addict and alcoholic, he talked about how he would feel utter helplessness when witnessing his family’s desperation when he relapsed. This happened despite successfully taking part in rehabilitation programs. Nonetheless, by means of following a secondary care program, which targeted step one of the 12-step program, he was finally able to stay sober.

The success of the Jaywalker Lodge can be distilled right down to timeless recovery principles. Ferguson outlined three that he believed to be extremely effective:

First, intensely observing step one of the 12-step program. This step was the admission by an alcoholic that he was powerless over alcohol.

Second, someone in recovery needed to be in a caring community led by those who had successfully been able to take back management of their lives from the addictive effects of alcohol. Through witnessing personal, living examples, men in recovery could see what it was like to reside in sobriety.

Third, somebody in recovery in a small city like Carbondale might benefit from the camaraderie and friendship that came from giving back again to the local community by doing voluntary work.

Learn more about Jaywalker Lodge. Stop by Allen Cardoza’s site where you can listen to the entire interview with Bobby Ferguson

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