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Poor Problem Solving Skills Causes Low Self-Esteem In Children

As parents we all want what’s best for our kids. No loving, well-meaning parent would want their children to experience hardship as much as possible. We even get afraid of thinking what their future might be like once they finish schooling. It’s normal. This natural yearning to care is our driving force in providing the best for our young ones. In fact, we want what’s best for them so much that we fail to identify where the lines are drawn between being parents and being mere spoon-feeders.

Parents should measure their success in how much their kids have learned from life’s valuable lessons. But if you happen to notice your kid to be having difficulty in solving life’s problems you should be worried. In fact, if your kid is having trouble taking responsibility in facing situations then that is already a problem.

Bad, obnoxious, or abusive behavior is what kids exhibit to make up for their inability to solve problems or develop their problem solving skills. These bad behaviors that they are compensating for their lack of problem solving skills lead them to developing low self-esteem. This makes them even more afraid to try solving new problems or face challenging situations. So you see, low self-esteem isn’t the cause but rather the effect of poor problem solving skills. What kind of harmful effects would these have in your child’s future? You can only imagine.

It doesn’t end there because if normal kids are in trouble, how much more are the ones with challenges or handicaps will be. They aren’t exempted from this. Which is why special children or impaired children shouldn’t be treated differently but instead they should be treated fairly like everybody else. They deserve that right of equality, not pity or worry or even false hopes. If you think about it the only free ride they’ll be getting is when they’re kids. But once they grow up, get a job and eventually have to live for themselves there isn’t going to be anyone to help them anymore.

Children with challenges or handicaps will still need to follow rules, regulations, laws, and work and social ethics which they should have learned earlier on if their parents didn’t treat them differently. They won’t be able to get away with bad behavior because rules are rules and disabilities are not excuses for bad behavior and rule-breaking.

Life isn’t always a bed of roses. It never has. So the best thing that every parent can do for their child is to prepare them for that. Parents should not be worried if their child is handicapped or normal because in the end it won’t matter. All is fair and the sooner we help our kids learn how to properly solve problems on their own, the better. What they will learn from life gives us parents the added satisfaction.

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